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Because we’re busy making soap, our factory location is open by appointment only for local pickup.


6165 W. Clinton St. Boise, ID 83704

6165 W. Clinton St. Boise, ID 83704

Because we’re busy making soap, our factory location is open by appointment only for local pickup.

This soap is our ABSOLUTE favorite. Nothing compares to the feel of it and the gentle scents. We have tried a lot of different soaps and body washes but this is the best. It is all natural and is infused with things that actually HELP your skin to be more healthy. The mission behind the company promotes sustainability and protection to the environment and animals, which makes it even better. There is no other soap we will use for our family!

Kristin C, Idaho

I have very sensitive skin and scalp and have been successfully using Our Planet shampoo bar, conditioner bar, and body soap bar for several years. I recently ran out and was amazed at how quickly my old irritated skin condition returned.  I've now happily replenished the products and my skin.  Our Planet products are a gift and a joy for my body and for the planet!

Victoria, Idaho

I always thought I had a skin problem, or that hard water was the cause of my skin issues. Turns out the itching & scaliness was from the harsh deodorant bar I was using! Our Planet Soap made me a believer in the virtues of quality handmade real soap, leaving my skin gently clean, but not itchy.

John R, Idaho

I swim daily in a chlorinated pool, which can be very harsh on my skin. Since I've been using your soap, my skin has no residual chlorine smell and no longer needs the heavy moisturizers. The soap scents are sumptuous but not heavy, and do not linger on my skin.

Sarah, Idaho

This soap is amazing! It works great without leaving a film on your skin. It smells good and looks pretty too! The customer service is also great. Fabulous company!

Samantha, N. Carolina

Received your beautiful soaps lickety-split, and the earthy smells remind me of pure nature. I didn't expect the softness on my harsh hands afterwards. My husband and I are both using it. Glorious!

Maryann, Marblehead, MA